About Us

Mission Statement

The Titans of the Midwest is a nonprofit social organization whose mission is to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest kink community. We are open to all without judgment, encouraging the exploration of kink in the name of fellowship while promoting safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities through awareness and education. ​

The Titans of the Midwest, are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, originally founded by members of the central Iowa Kink Community. In September of 2011, Jeremy Morris, Neil O’Sullivan, Mike Refky, Greg Mace, and Trevor Redman, got together in the hopes of breathing life into a new organization with one purpose – “to provide education and guidance to further the development of knowledge and skills of the Midwest Kink Community.” 

In July of 2012, the Titans of the Midwest held their first organization meeting; attended by just a handful of kinksters and held in the home of Neil O’Sullivan, the Titans of the Midwest were well on their way to something great. 

Today, the Titans have grown to an organization with more than 150+ active paid members from 14 States and Canada. We have held countless educational sessions, covering various topics from polyamory, to spanking, to BDSM, to electrostim, and more! As stated in our Mission Statement, through awareness and education the Titans are “open to all without judgment” and “encourage exploration of kink in the name of fellowship.” We advocate “safe, sane, and consensual fetish related activities”  and strive to provide both a forum and space for these activities. 

Bylaws and SOP: 

Standard Operating Procedures 2014

Standard Operating Procedures Amendments 2018

Current Board of Directors: 

Position Name Email
President Reya Sunshine president@titansofthemidwest.org
Vice President Bjorn vice_president@titansofthemidwest.org
Finance Director Jason L. finance@titansofthemidwest.org
Administrative Director Riku info@titansofthemidwest.org
Membership Director Stoick membership@titansofthemidwest.org
Public Relations Director Mjolnir public_liaison@titansofthemidwest.org
Regional Director - East VACANT at-large-east@titansofthemidwest.org
Regional Director - West Devon at-large-west@titansofthemidwest.org
Regional Director - North Havok at-large-north@titansofthemidwest.org
Regional Director - South Blue at-large-south@titansofthemidwest.org