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March 27 2024

A copy of our proposed grievance process can be found below. We welcome any feedback on our proccess. You may do so by emailing or filling out the following form

How To Report An Incident

If you have experienced any incidents involving any of our members, the Board wishes to create a space for you to be heard.

Please email all incidents to report@titansofthemidwest, and include the following:

  Please allow up to 48 hours for a member of the board to get back to you via your preferred contact information

Our Investigative Process

The board can take actions up to and including revoking membership for a certain time period or revoking membership for lifetime. 

February 18 2024

On Sunday February 18, 2024, members of the Titans board became aware of an issue of bullying that transpired between two club members. The current board of the Titans does not condone bullying, especially if there are social and/or organizational power imbalances present. 

In the two weeks since, the board investigated the incident of bullying. It was decided the board could not conduct a more thorough investigation beyond the initial incident until after at least banning the accused party. The communication of this decision was not properly and formally shared with the victim. We caused additional harm to the victim.

We failed people and we failed in our communication. Our grievance process is inadequate and unacceptable. We cannot undo the way we conducted ourselves through the process. 

Going forward with respect to our process, the board of the Titans of the Midwest will:

The next draft of our grievance process will be posted on our website and on Facebook within the next 14 days. For further reports or questions, feel free to reach out to