Upcoming Kink U

Nurturing Long Distance Dynamics

Presented by Reya Sunshine

Class starting at 1 PM CST

Met a new person who (of course) lives far away? Are you developing a new dynamic from a distance? What if you’re never going to live close to each other, but want to keep your long-term connection between events? In this class we will: Learn how to outline the scope of your dynamic; Identify rituals, protocols, and activities you and your partner(s) can use from any distance; Decide how often to review and/or revise your dynamic; and Create a way to ramp up or power down your dynamic to work around your day-to-day lives.

About Reya

Reya Sunshine (she/her) has been involved in the kink scene for 15 years.She started teaching in 2010, focusing on consent, sensation play, and relationship dynamics.Her teaching has taken her across the Midwest as well as to IML and LLC. Reya is an Emeritus member of Ohio SMART where she served as board president and organized numerous social and educational events. She joined the Titans of the Midwest in 2018 and is the current President.Reya focuses on bringing high-quality education and diverse educators to the community. Reya supports the Carter Johnson Library, the LA&M, and the NCSF. In her down time you can find her sorting through her vast collection of office supplies with a delicious iced coffee in her hands!

Not your PeePaw's Rope 101

Presented by Manji, Kelly, and Bird

Class starting at 2 PM CST

Rope work should not feel like witchcraft! Come and learn a different approach to shibari that will give you the tools you need to create 90% of the ties you might see out in the world. No experience necessary. Bring rope if you have it; 2-3 hanks are recommended. Some rope will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

About Manji, Kelly, and Bird

Manji (they/them) has been involved in the kink community for almost 20 years, and educating for the last 6 years. They love over-the-top scenes that are visually, physically, and emotionally complex while remaining simple at the core, especially if shibari, medfet, and/or sploshing are involved.

Kelly (she/her) has been playing publicly for 4 years. From medfet to blood play and rope, she embodies both sides of sadomasochism. Connection, exhibitionism, and logistical challenges drive her to endlessly novel kinks.

Bird (they/he) has been bottoming for rope since 2016, and bottoming for edgeplay, medfet, and suspension since 2021. He enjoys hanging upside down from the ceiling, being turned into a pincushion, and strongly believes rope is for everyone.

Adapting your Kinky Play Post-Injury

Presented by Pup Balty

Class starting at 3 PM CST

Life hits, sometimes harder than the impact top in a good scene. Medical complications are one of the ways that can suddenly spin your dynamic on its head. Cancer. Accidents. Sudden hospitalizations. In this Panel, Pup Balty, Cincinnati Critter ‘23 talks about this with those who have some experience. How do these events change your dynamic? How can you be prepared to adapt your kink if someone you’re connected to, suddenly experiences the unexpected?

About Pup Balty

Balty(He/Him/GoodBoy) is a 30 something locked little-pup from Cincinnati,OH. This good boy has a wide range of kink experience that include, Chastity, Watersports, Musk, Voyerism, ABDL (Littles), Outdoor play and much more. He is Cincinnati Critter 2023! He has a passion for kink education that can be found in any space he inhabits and he’s always open to learning more in a paws on approach. Balty also goes out in the community as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence as part of the Cincinnati Sisters! Balty travels to many events around the country, so if you see him don’t be a stranger! After all, Balty’s never met a stranger. Balty can be found online on the bird app and instagram @PupBalty

Bootblack Basics

Presented by Lucian Raven

Class starting at 4 PM CST

Ever wanted to learn how to care for leather? Come join Lucian Raven to learn about bootblack basics! We'll review building a base kit, the products you can use on different types of leather, and learn basic care including cleaning, conditioning, and polishing. We'll also have a conversation about knowing when more advanced leather care is needed from an experienced bootblack. Throughout the class, we'll talk about consent and communication needs in bootblacking and accessibility for bootblacks and the leatherfolk we serve. After the class is over, we will be offering mentored stand time with our incredible Iowa Leather Weekend bootblack team so folks can try out the skills we just covered. Come join us and get your hands dirty!

Image Credit: Let Free Your Wild Studio

About Lucian

Lucian Raven (he/him) is a bootblack from Sioux City, Iowa. He is the bootblack coordinator for Iowa Leather Weekend and host of Tristate Area BootLab, often working at The Blazing Saddle in Des Moines and Kings and Queens in Sioux City. He has been engaged in leather care for 13 years and has been a bootblack for 3 years. He's passionate about accessibility and inclusivity in leather spaces, including at the bootblack stands, and loves incorporating these aspects into his education.